August 14, 2010

Are You Independent!

Decades earlier we fought the British for our Independence. Centuries ago we had the Mughals as outsiders. Digging even deeper in history we find our motherland being ruled by many such alien authorities and ill-intentioned powers. In simple words, we were not Independent.

Now that we celebrate an Independence day every year, paradoxically still,
there are people fighting for it in many parts of Kashmir and North-East. The pandemonium, uproar and unrest in such parts exemplify dissatisfaction of masses. Independence, at times looks to be a vague word with different meanings for myriad interested groups.

All these raw information leaves us to an inescapable question,"What does being independent mean?" Does being independent simply mean having a national flag of your own, or having a national anthem in the vernacular language? Is it a true manifestation of freedom to have a unique currency or to have one of your fellow countrymen as the head of state? What then makes a country true to the definition of an independent state?

In my view, being Independent must give us a sense of Power, a feel of Authority over the policies and a sense of  Responsibility towards our duties.

Freedom at a personal level has more to do with the dynamics of one's immediate surroundings, rather than the type of rulers. The dynamics of a society is of course decided by the manner of governance.

The way Indian society has reinvented itself in newer ways time and again is a scintillating proof of the freedom we enjoy. Only a free society can have the liquidity to flow independently. Time since independence, the Indian society has evolved and metamorphosed leaps & bounds.This is for all of us to see and fathom the privileges we enjoy. The very fact that we can even doubt the level of independence we enjoy is proof of our freedom. Though, at times these privileges may seem blurring behind the nebulous political system but the onus of clearing this nebula lies on us.

Proud to be a citizen of an Independent India.
Jai Hind!
Jai Jawaan!


  1. Nice to see the pic on your blog. chang

  2. Hello Anupam..
    I'm a journalist with the print media and have known u for some time.
    You are upto good work and i expect you to keep ur spirits high throughout.
    Looking at the present situation independence is quite a debatable topic and has grown on to become a 'vague' word as u said.
    Your blog needs a thoughtful reading.

  3. we can't hoist our own national flag in our own country.

    we really need to rethink the issue'ARE WE TRULY INDEPENDENT'.

  4. Very thoughtful and well written post I agree with what you say the recent incident of burning a Govt officer in by the Mafia, on the eve of Republic day came as a shocker! It is indeed not enough to be independednt of foreign people and foerign dominance, we need to look into things internal and find out whether as a nation we truly deserve being independent..are we responsible enough.

  5. Anupam ji kaafi asaadharan lekh hai aapka aur aapke likhne ki shailee bhi Anupam hai.
    Independence hamaare desh me mazaak banta dikh raha hai. Aaj aazaadi ke alag alag logon ke liye alag matlab reh gaye hain.

  6. Quite thought provoking..
    Good job done sir, beautifully presented in words!

  7. Fantabulous presentaion of your thoughts. Appreciate your work

  8. sahi likhe bhai ajkl log azadi ka real meaning bhulte ja rehe hain

  9. Read (its past tense) your blog. Its interesting. Would like to comment on a few observations that you have put down in there.

    Our society has the liquidity to flow, but liquid has its form till the time its in a boundry, the moment its boundry is lost it becomes shapeless and somehow can become meaningless also. Kinare hi tai karte hain ki hum talaiya hain, dariya ya samandar. lekin jab kinare ke upar se bahane ki koshish karte hain to wajood kho jaata hai, ya to saagar se mil jayen ya phir gum ho jayen dharti mein ya asmaan mein…….. shyad yahi hume tai karna hai………..

    And regarding the nebula that you have spoken (quite a word I must say, had to pick up dictionary to understand it). We would think of clearing the nebula only when we understand that we are a part of it. Most of the times we see it as an external/ seperate identity, thus clearing it is someone else's uttardiyitva. kaafi sochne ki zaroorat hai yahaan..........

    Keep thinking…………………

  10. Aaj kai din baad phirse padhne ka mann hua....
    15 august, Azaadi ka din... school mein the toh kam se kam aaj ke din maa subah subah utha kar laalkile par Tiranga avrohan samaaroh dekhne kehti thi... tab gussa aata tha ki chhutti ke din jaldi utha diya... pradhaanmantri par toh aur aata tha ki thodi der se bhaashan diya kare....

    aaj wahi sab miss karte hain... aaj kai jagah Tiranga lehrata dekha... kai log tamga laga kar ghoomte bhi paaye gaye... mann mein Salute kane ka chaahat thi... Jan Gan Mann gaane ki bhi ... lekin bade ho gaye hain na... isliye nahi kiye... karte toh log haste na....

    apne hi desh meni log rashtriya gaan par saavdhaan mudra mein rehna mein agar uldhan ho toh....

    Shaayad aapka sawal sahi hai... 'Are we Independant'....

    Sochna Padega....

  11. well... India has given its citizens a lot of freedom, and independence, varies with perception of independence. Whatever India is today is not the government's lone responsibility, it is the nationals who make a nation what it is. yes,a sense of Power, a feel of Authority over the policies has been achieved by us but the sense of Responsibility towards our duties is somewhere in a conflict depending on our own leisure and will, including myself. I am proud to be here to be an Indian, with all its shortcomings and weaknesses. its my country and directly or indirectly, i share my responsibility in both the good and the bad.


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