August 20, 2012

Humour is the Fodder of a thinking Society.

“Satire is the enjoyable compensation for being forced to think.” The title of my probing write-up is derived from this famous quote by Edgar Johnson. Yes, Humour is a fodder and I do mean it!

Our ability to communicate and express in the best possible ways differentiates us from other living beings. In fact, its the foundation stone of what we basically are - Humans. But, isn't it unfortunate that humanity's biggest challenge has been to regulate this strength to good intent?!

In the past few months, some very interesting observations from two different geographical co-ordinates of the globe reflect contrasting human behaviours. Lets have a look.

1. Britain: A campaign named "Feel Free to Insult Me" supported by many Parliamentarians demanding reforms in a Law that bans "Insulting words or behaviour" in public in the name of Free Speech.

2. India: Another campaign sarcastically named "Help, We're Insulted" supported by nearly all the MPs demanding removal of a historic Cartoon from NCERT text books in the name of Free Speech Abuse.

While we in India were facing an ignominious cartoon controversy, our counterparts in Britain were demanding to remove the word "Insulting" from Section 5 of their 1986 Public Order Act deliberating that the law caused many arrests & penalties to people simply making jokes. The world, in general, is trying hard to draw the realms of free speech and India, in particular, languishes in intolerance and dirty politics.

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