December 8, 2009

Commonwealth Vs The Kumbh -Delhi leads, Allahabad lags

The government and the state machinery is exploiting all its resources and potential to elevate Delhi to a world class status. The rate of development despite political bottle-necks and bureaucratic red-tapes defies established norms. We all know the catalyst acting here -the Commonwealth games 2010.

I'm exalted to see Delhi's rapid rise, let be it in the name of Commonwealth games. However, I've a question to ask -does the MahaKumbh not deserve the merit of a catalyst to transform Allahabad?

Delhi was lucky to win the bid to host the Commonwealth but none can deny Prayag's right to hold the Kumbh Mela every 12 years and also an Ardh-Kumbh in between. The congregation at the confluence, i.e the gathering at the Sangam during the Kumbh is the highest anywhere round the world ever. A record 70 million pilgrims congregated at the Sangam over 45 days during Ardh-Kumbh 2007. Allahabad breaks its own world record every 6 years for the lergest assembly of people on earth.

Yet the sad part of it all is that, in the eyes of the government these facts do not merit as a catalyst to promote Allahabad to a world class level. Infact, the infrastructure in Allahabad is not upto the mark of many other Indian cities. Hotels of international repute, quality transport service and a desirable law and order are a far cry. The city is very poorly connected by air and a lack of expressways to nearest airports compound the commotion.

The cabinet thoughtfully allocated Rs 3,472 crores for Commonwealh games 2010 in the interim budget. It was justified considering India's pride at stake, but even a tenth share of this budget for the Kumbh Mela could easily enhance Allahabad's infrastructure and stature. Developing the banks and ghats of Ganga-Yamuna could earn huge revenue on the lines of Varanasi.

Now, I leave it to you asking that if the symbol of British imperialistic rule could merit such attention by our government, why not our symbol of Spiritual Supremacy do so?


  1. The ideas expressed are reasonable and deserve to ponder over but a larger and inescapable question remains that why we need an excuse for development?

  2. Well said brother...
    Allahabad really deserves a better place in the present and future of this country. But I think people responsible do not have time to think about Allahabad. The large scale development in Delhi is due to a committed governing body. Whereas, here Allahabad ranks quite low in order of consideration in the eyes of local government. The authorities at local level have to cry a lot to get noticed, but here all think about Lucknow, Varanasi, Kanpur, etc. and Allahabad lags behind. I have not been to Lucknow or Kanpur, but the charm of a city I witnessed at Varanasi is far greater than that of Allahabad, forget to be compared to Delhi - The National Capital....

  3. the point u have brought forth anupam bhai is needed ro be harped at higher the corridors of power..
    ur write-up clearly reveals how glamour and charm beats spiritualism..great..!!..keep on ur fight for these relevant social causes..

  4. thanks ranjan..
    yes..its a shame that we need excuses for progress and development...but my dejection comes from the fact that the kumbh not even merits that..

  5. Hi Anupam,

    well written, yes Allhabad deserve to have the infrastructure to Successfully manage the Kumbh, but the some of the people at top have forget that we are known for our old values (Like Kumbh and Bodh Gaya)not for helding a commonwealth.
    i am also not against any event like commonwealth but we have to Prioratise our priorities.

  6. Just like any other critic* I am giving you star.
    Its **1/2 this time.
    No rational behind your thoughts.

    *I may be a bad critic*

  7. Why do I need your approval to make my comments visible. :X

  8. Jaisa ki maine aapko pahle bhi kaha hai ki aap likhte acha ho... Koi bhi topic ho wo aap padhne walo ke liye rochak bana dete ho... Ye write-up bhi achi lagi...

  9. sorry mr. anupam...i ll put my vote to the develpoment being carried out in delhi on d name of commonwealth games indeed d Kumbha mela,a unique hindu pilgrimage which iz a 42 days long festival , held every twelve years in India. Despite d commonwealth games which iz a free association (commonwealth) of 54 nations which were hitherto under d British rule followed up by democratic ideals nd multi-lingual policy.Its jst a co-incident dat both d major gathering attraction elements are due, to take place in India in dis particular year.If d govt. of India iz exploiting all its resorces to its better possible extent for d renovation of d national capital inspite to d city where Kumbh mela iz to b held.In my opinion its a gr8 honour to host a comonwealth game since dis podium can give a gr8 influence of our coundry to the world map since its simply a global character in such comment m not here to impose a spiritual disbelief quality on me rather its my opinion over devlopment.I do agree wth one of d comment published above dat ..development at excuse..its completely irrational. I want to clear one point with a simple practical example..dat if any individual iz inviting someone to his/her domestic function thn dat individual will try his level best to serve him d best as per his potential nd desire.Similarly India iz trying to serve d best to its other 53 associates nations in d CWG.In a simple word its equivalent to respecting d per our trdition.."atithi devo bhava!!!" might b many of the folloowers wont agree to my such stupid ideology..but i respect nd love those critics..mera bharat mahan.. rohit

  10. well written..
    but u didn't get my point frnd..misunderstood me!!
    wut i've tried to convey is in no way undermining the importance of cwg,or 4 that matter the govt undertaking this fast pace development in ncr-infact,only a fool will- & baring all for the debate is not concentrated on the cwg but the merit of a kumbh vis-a-vis commonwealth for devlopment..i.e. if at all our govt needs excuses then does the kubh is anywhere less??

  11. Hello Anupam!!
    Though your article has been written a long time back and many new controversies regarding CWG have been disintered only recently. So the present situation suggests a new title for the article--"Commonwealth 'AND' The Kumbh" rather than "Commonwealth 'Vs' The Kumbh". The preparations for CWG are in such a grisly condition that the people responsible should be ashamed of themselves. Oh wait!!! I just forgot whom am I asking to be ashamed....the people who dont know the meaning of a word called SHAME. Rather I take back my words and say that Me and You should be ashamed. In whose hands have we given the responsibility and, more importantly, the power of taking decisions.
    Besides the allocated fund of Rs. 3472 cr, an additional Rs. 744 cr has been transferred from SC/ST fund to the games. And the condition is still that after recent rains in Delhi, the stadiums are leaking. And in some places even the stadiums are not yet completed. Its our national pride at stake and We are left with no other option than just keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for a miracle...

  12. Aditya..dhaansu analysis & informative too..
    the new title given by you is bang on keeping in view the present scenario of CWG.

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