December 8, 2009

Commonwealth Vs The Kumbh -Delhi leads, Allahabad lags

The government and the state machinery is exploiting all its resources and potential to elevate Delhi to a world class status. The rate of development despite political bottle-necks and bureaucratic red-tapes defies established norms. We all know the catalyst acting here -the Commonwealth games 2010.

September 3, 2009

SECULARISM - Non existent

Secularism, in all practical sense is non-existent in our political establishment. It's a vague term made even more so by the vested interests and has grown on to become the most abused term since
it's induction in the preamble to our constitution.

After the 42nd amendment act 1976, secularism became a part of the basic structure of our constitution. But the irony here is that

August 20, 2009


Are you among those countless denizens who detest Allahabad in its present form? If your answer is in the affirmative, you find me too on your side. But, fortunately enough i was at a loss of words and substantial evidence to stand by my proposition.

On digging deep into my mindset
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