June 21, 2011

..Knowing "WE" and our "LIFE"!!

For the first time ever for my readers, Anupam Abhivyakti has a piece not originally written by me.  However, i am as delighted while publishing this magnificent work as i have ever been.  This contemplative & powerful manifestation of Life is composed by Late Amar Nath Sawhney and is surely among one of the best to be written in its category.  Read on and ponder over what Life actually means to you.

Ah me, are we
        A bare crate,
A rudderless boat
That ever float
In world's wide ocean
Without a notion
        Of its fate
Or destiny?

Or, is it right
        That in vain
We come and go,
Without ado
Like a little cloud
That rolls about
        After rain
When sky is bright?

Or, can it be
        That our fate
Is like a bubble
In water's trouble;
Arise and grow
And simply go,
        In quick haste
To eternity?

Or, is it we
        Come and go
Without an end
To mar or mend
The vast design
And leave behind
        Signs to show
Of what we be?

June 15, 2011

Power of Photography

In 1993, a little known South African photographer visited a famine stricken Sudan to cover the civil war there. The disturbing scenes of despair could be seen all around. People were madly scurrying for eatables brought by UN agencies. The race to the feeding camps was so intense that men and women, leaving there fledgling kids on ground, ran, lest they be left behind.

The photographer, in the mean time was moving around looking for and capturing the miseries of mankind. Nearly a kilometer away from the camp, he saw a starving girl child crawling towards the feeding center. As he set himself up to photograph her, a Vulture descended in the background anticipating the dying child to be a prey. Careful not to disturb the bird, the photographer positioned himself for the best possible shot. He waited for 20 minutes hoping that the predator may spread its wings for a more dramatic imagery. The Vulture, at the same time, was waiting for the child to die.
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