December 12, 2010

Allahabad in Oblivion!

In all probability, Allahabad will demolish its own record by holding the largest assembly of people in 2013 at Sangam. Mahakumbh, the epitome of our spiritual supremacy, unfortunately, draws less government attention than even the Commonwealth, the symbol of British imperial legacy and India's plunder.

I have always maintained that Kumbh deserves a lot more than what we deliver. The congregation at the Confluence, i.e, the number of pilgrims flocking at Sangam has always been a world record. Cosmos shrink to fit into the Sangam area during the Kumbh mela.

Something Unique, Divine and Spiritual like the Kumbh has the potential to raise Allahabad, if not India, to international repute and a favoured tourist attraction. Time has come to get pro-active to save this scintillating extravaganza from moving into oblivion.

We and this generation of youth expect our representatives to work upon to materialize on the possibilities in this city. In our bid to elevate Allahabad to a world class level we suggest some basic measures to the lackadaisical central and state governments which urgently needs to be taken care of.

Before every Kumbh tenders are floated. Corrupt officers and unreasonable contractors are the first ones to cherish the output generated. What we demand is to have at least 50% of the infrastructure on a permanent basis and reduce as much of the make-shift arrangements as we can. This will help the Allahabadis to have access to it round the year and particularly during the Magh Mela every year.

Other than the Religious and Spiritual dimension, the city must also be developed on the lines of a tourist place encouraging visitors to know the historical legacy of Allahabad. We need to pronounce the world that Allahabad is much more than Kumbh and the Kumbh is much more than a Mela or a congregation.

Ghats at Sangam are a platform to reach-out to your soul. Thus the river bank at Ganga and Yamuna badly needs a facelift, at least like the ghats in Varanasi.

In order to elevate Allahabad to a world class standard we also need to look into the other areas which are in shambles. The hospitality industry in the district is also in a sorry state, and to make matters worse, it seems of no concern to the government authorities. Poor air connectivity is one of the biggest impediments to Allahabad's tourism industry and road transport is no better as well. Traffic snarls throughout the city can only be overcome by constructing more fly-overs and wider roads. Unfortunately, building one fly-over in Rambagh takes more time than eternity.

Prayag, known as a place of intellectuals & revolutionaries is crying for help which our government seems in no mood to render. We urgently need to address the declining standard of living and education in a city once known for its intellect and literary brilliance.
Allahabad manifests the legend of Aryavarta. Its high time the youth takes a stand to bridge the gap between Prayag and Allahabad and preserve its uniqueness.

Come, join us in building a better Prayag. Take pride in being an Allahabadi!


  1. Bahut badhaai ho aapko ki aap Allahabad ki samasyayon ke prati jagruk hain. Hum sab aapke muhim mein saath hain.
    aur jahaan tak lekh ki baat hai to Anupam bhai kafi prabhavsaali likhe hain.

  2. allahabad needs to be concerned about. Good sir, for the importance allahabad holds for you.

  3. hey, why is Kumbh a concern for Allahabadis only, after all Kumbh toh har bhartiya ke liye atma aur parmatma ka milan hai.

    A clarion call is required to all Indians to make this Kumbh memorable one,

    Take pride in being an Indian!

  4. thanks dear for such openion and your excellent thought , bhai fact is that the higher authority of u.p cm is busy with noina land distribution and central goverment is busy with indresh g and rss safroon terror publisity and demonist to hindusm, to ganga ki jarurat goverment ko kaha hai ,,,,,,,,,,anupam isko times of india news paper me publish kara do,,,,,,,,realy singh is not leader you r krantikari,,,,,,we r feeling proud of u,,,,,,,,hareram (rec)


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