October 17, 2010

Games of our Common Wealth!

Ahha! Finally the games are over with good memories for some and good riddance for others. The games medal tally, though soothing to eyes, is not something I am very ecstatic about. Rather I am far more delighted for the fact that some of our non-cricketing sportspeople are hogging the limelight. Gratifying to see new faces who fought all odds to rise against the tide, being interviewed on national television.

However it is to be seen if this newfound attention towards sports other than cricket continues and for how long. And if this new love and spotlight is only on account of the gold haul but no genuine concern for sports then I have a better idea. The idea is that we can vouch for a Commonwealth of Asian games where only the Asian Commonwealth members would participate. I bet we will be a force to reckon with and our gold haul more than the total medals count of even the runner-up. May be this is way the government can do their bit for our deserving sportsperson so that the media keeps interviewing and bringing to the fore the grit and perseverance of true heroes.

I had this write-up on my mind for the last one month or so but abstained from posting it until the games are over and our esteemed guests back to their sweet hygienic homes. Or else, I too would have been branded an anti-national demoralizing the organizers by speaking his unpatriotic mind.

Last year in my column  “Commonwealth vs the Kumbh- Delhi leads, Allahabad lags” I had expressed how the games can change the face of Delhi. I’ve always maintained from day one that the only good in having these games is that our national capital’s infrastructure gets a face lift, but even that ray of optimism seems blurring in the wake of corruption and dirty games of wealth.

Interestingly, we found even the mother nature disapproving of this sporting extravagance. The incessant rains in northern India caused Yamuna to break all its previous danger-mark records. Low lying areas like Kalindi Kunj, Sarita Vihar, etc were inundated and the deadly dengue had captured 3,000 in its grip even before the inauguration.

My  thumbs-up to the volunteers who helped the games move out of the quagmire when nothing seemed going on track, and worse still, the government could not even seek helps of Lalit Modi.

Now that the games have passed off and assuming I may not be branded unpatriotic in airing my views, I would like to question the very practicality of the organisation of Commonwealth. Having a federation like Commonwealth, in the first place, seems to be an absurd idea to me. When states come under one umbrella or on one platform it should generate some common benefits or positive output for the world. UN, ASEAN, SAARC, OPEC, AOSIS and many other such organisation have something or the other common among them. Commonwealth has nothing more than a history and that too of colonialism and  an imperial Britain violating human rights in member states.

Commonwealth today is nothing more than a last ditch effort of a waning and fading Britain to remind us and preserve its imperial heritage. Britain has only its history which it can be proud of and is nurturing this institution in a bid to savour it.

Why are we still holding on to that silly Nehru decision of being a member of the Commonwealth of nations. That decision was voluntary and is not binding on to us. It seems Nehru was so overwhelmed at Britain’s decision to quit that he played into their hands. In a moment of electric foolishness the first Prime minister of one of the largest democracies endorsed the commonwealth.

It looks obnoxious to me when our sovereign, republic citizens run all around the country with a torch staff and on being asked what it is, proudly proclaim, ”the Queen’s baton.” As if they have plundered it all the way from London.

I get a feeling that even the Non-Aligned Movement could have done far better had they played games and recreation. Commonwealth is not an august gathering but an unproductive group which symbolises the misfortunes of once enslaved states. It is an institution for preserving the imperial heritage of Britain and in being a member India is in a way  preserving its colonial history of exploitation and deprivation. India should not be a misnomer Republic. So, Quit Commonwealth!


  1. First of all, I would like to compliment you for the apt title that you have given to the article.
    I agree with you that the presence of India in Commonwealth is like voluntarily keeping the scar of the involuntarily afflicted wound. India does not gain in any sense by being in Commonwealth other than a psychological supremacy during commonwealth games every 4 years. Rather, I am of a view that in recent Commonwealth Games, India lost its pride when instead of our President inaugurating the event, a puppet of THE QUEEN 'HER MAJESTY' got the privilege. That clearly indicates that we still accept their supremacy.
    On the contrary, India could have exploited this opportunity of hosting the Commonwealth games for the development of country. We could have followed the great example of 17th Commonwealth Games held in Manchester. After bombings in Manchester in 1996, England chose Manchester to hold Commonwealth Games in 2002 in order to resurrect it and today it is the most important economic city of England. But we wasted an opportunity of developing a new city as Mr. Kalmadi & Co. was too busy opening their personal bank accounts.

  2. i cannot comment much on this ...........as i have not read it deeply(sorry yaar some personal work)...
    but i can say 1 thing that before this kind of performance(common wealth performance by India) no one was thinking about the matter that India should quit common wealth status....
    this only came in our mind after we performed very well in this game....... but i think now time has been arrived for India to quit common wealth status like USA

  3. its high time that we quit this event, i don't understand why we are still in this event, if getting few scores of medals is the only reason then as anupam suggested there are many ways of doing that

  4. "Commonwealth today is nothing more than a last ditch effort of a waning and fading Britain to remind us and preserve its imperial heritage."

    I truly agree to your point..

  5. Great piece of writing!
    Contents ki baat chhoriye, commonwealtrh ke baare mein main nahi likhunga. Aapne apne lekh mein hi kaafi prakaash daal diya hai.
    Main aapke style ka kaayal ho gaya hu. Kamaal hai SIR, bahut prabhavshaali likhte hain aap.
    KALMADI JI padh lein toh wo bhi convince ho jaayenge aapki baat se.
    thank you

  6. The article shows 'Electric Brilliance' on your part Anu (sorry appka hi izaad kiya shabd use kar rahe hain)kaafi gyan vardhak article likhe hain aap, kitni sateek baatein aur itni saralta se kah diye. Aapke is article ke baad is vishay par kuchh bhi kehna gustakhi hogi..... Anokha andaaz hai apka, ekdum anupam

    'only good in having these games is that our national capital’s infrastructure gets a face lift'-
    Commonwealth games as a vehicle for facelift of infrastructure, padh kar lagta hai kitna bhadda mazaak kar rahe hain apne hi deshwaasi desh ke saath. Delhi commonwealth se National Capital ya Nation ka toh nahin lein Kuchh committee members aur netaon ke bank balance ka facelifting toh pakka hua hoga.

    Maybe its high time to take the Commonwealth games in true gaming spirit and play sports rather than politics. in case this event helps in bringing some of our unsung heroes (non cricketing sportsmen and women) in limelight, I'm all for it. infact lets give it a chance to survive for its literal sense i.e. celebrate commonwealth of various nations.

    and as far as Quit Commonwealth ka naara is concerned, I would still say it is Question of To be or Not to be...............the answer to which will not come easy. We Indians have this habit of living our 'Today' in 'Yesterday's' shadows. Afterall ghulami ki aadat jaate jaate hi jayegi..............

  7. yeh dekh ke bara dukh hota hai jab raajneta khel ke saath rajniteek khel khelne lagte hai aur pata nahi kitne tarah ke ghotale kar desh ki izzat ko dhumil kar dete hain. apne thik kaha ki raashtra mandal khel me dhanyawad ke paatra to wo karyakarta hai jinhone rashtra mandal khel ko safal karwana rashtra ke samman ko barkarar rakhne ke barabar samjha.

  8. 'Ahha! Finally the games are over....'

    are they really??? Nothing is over. Its all there for everyone to see, the tamaasha Before and After..............

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  10. very knowledgeable blog............keep writing

    It is good to see that we performed very good in
    common wealth game in terms of sport and also in terms of transportation and infrastructure.
    .............last month i was coming from Delhi by public transport bus, at that time looking transportation service (traffic jam of 2 hour,not working of over-bridge), i was thinking in
    my mind that this common wealth games will be gone leave bad sign on India image. This will effect our global image, so inflow of money to our country.......after looking at this no foreign company will like to invest in our country(after terror fear, now bad infrastructure and also incapable politician and bureaucrat). consequence will be that millions our bhai, who placed in IT company
    will not get any work, so they will lost there job.............hahaha

    so it is important for India to host one big event ...........becoz of this only we showed our capability to host Olympic also.

    big comment..............some day we will discuss importance of common wealth but may be not on blog

  11. Gud one... ati sundar. Wen im kid samajh me nhi ata tha k kisi ki sundarta ki tarif ki jaye to anupam saundrye kun use krte hai... Anupam ka matlab to tum the "The Anupam singh". tum apne naam ko deserve krte ho aur tumhari sabhi rachnaye bhi Anupam abhivyakti lagti hai... Commonwealth ho ya kumbh tum likhoge to wah Anupam rachna hi hogi kunki wah tumhare kalam se aai hai. Anupam dwara rachi gai Annupam rachnao ko hamari shubhkamnaye.. Likhte rahe taki hame yun aapki tarif karne ka mauka milta rhe.

  12. Well said!
    Commonwealth hi nahi har front par ye sarkaar nikkami ho chuki hai Anupam bhai.


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