August 20, 2009


Are you among those countless denizens who detest Allahabad in its present form? If your answer is in the affirmative, you find me too on your side. But, fortunately enough i was at a loss of words and substantial evidence to stand by my proposition.

On digging deep into my mindset
i found the air thinning over a nebulous response to this query.
Yes! I have finally found the answer-Allahabad's comparison to it's past. Now i know why people tend to find faults with Allahabad. People who understand what Allahabad could have been, and know what it actually is, are a dejected lot. The reason i detest Allahabad is that i expected a lot more than it actually has delivered. This city had the potential to be the cynosure, to lead India if not the world and thus, any position second to best would leave many unsatisfied. The title of this write-up "Prayag to Allahabad" comes from a detailed analysis of the city in context of India and its modern history.
India, once a golden eagle has how systematically spoiled the opportunity to lead the world is for all to see. Comparing the metamorphosis of Aryavarta to India and Prayag to Allahabad is no different a story. However, comparing Allahabad on the parameters of most other places in India stands it in good stead and far off ahead than many. Allahabad is truly not all that bad. To prove my point let's go about a methodical Allahabad analysis on all fronts.

Starting with the all important infrastructure sector, we find Allahabad quite well placed. In terms of education the city is and has always been a front-runner. Allahabad University is at times termed as the "Oxford of East". Top quality schools, higher education institutes and research centers have always enhanced the city's reputation. The health-care is mostly dominated by private sector, but this is the case elsewhere across India too and a cause of concern. The intra-city road connectivity is good but the civic sense of its people and authority very poor. Allahabad's importance also lies in its strategic positioning, which gives it a special status since time immemorial. This strategic importance is manifested in the city being cordoned off on three sides by military cantonments. Allahabad is taken care of by the oldest national highway (Grand Trunk Road), the best national waterway (NW-1 on Ganges) and the busiest railway root (Grand Chord Section). The Indian Standard Time (IST) is standardized at 82.5 degree east Longitude, i.e. the country follows our time. This culturally vibrant, traditionally dynamic, historically glorious, politically active and economically developing city is slowly but progressing. The parks, religious centers, art and music makes this city a place worthy enough for the people going gung-ho over it's richness of diversity.
The city holds a place on the international tourism map also for the extravaganza named Kumbh. Crores and crores of devotees and tourists throng to Allahabad in their spiritual quest. These factors lead many to use "Theerth-Raj" as a substitute for "Allahabad". And, none of us are oblivious of Allahabad's political activism, with five of India's Prime-Ministers hailing from the city.

Allahabad has endless possibilities and boundless opportunities but i would not hesitate to say that it's still too far away from its worthy position. The truly deserved position dreamt of by its visionaries is still far fetched. Allahabad is in fact striving hard but progressing to reach the standards set by its own  history, Prayag. Let us all take responsibilities and help to bridge the gap between Allahabad and Prayag.


  1. I have never been to Allahabad or Prayag. But if the facts given in this blog are to be believed then I guess none of us could disagree that "The Oxford Of East" could have been much much better then what it is presently.......A great blog Anupam just keep it going and I hope that you too work towards bridging the gap between Prayag and Allahabad

  2. i think this is ur high thiking

  3. Aaaaaa...., I m afraid dear the topic you chose is neither global nor regional so not captivating even i have been in the city for five years.First the detailed analysis made me yawn and then again the first part is all about what you think, shows your self obsession.But i must say that it has the potential of taking the first prize in any debate competition, but as far as writing is concerned i m partly disappointed.
    Hope a better and interesting words in future.

  4. i am surprised that you think lot about the allahabad.surprised not on you but on us,we the people of this city, that being a citizen of allahabad since last 4 years,we never thought about this.why we didn't.thank u dost to pin me out from my sleep.
    there is always an attraction towards your's way of expressing a things.again i feel it.
    keep it up.

  5. Hi Anupam,
    Firstly, I'd congratulate you for such a good initiative which is perhaps the most effective one in order to express one's feelings in these modern days of science and technology...
    Secondly, Thank You to think beyond a normal man, the " Mango People ". That's really great. Keep it up !!!
    I've always praised your style of writing and I do acknowledge your power of expression, one of the biggest tools a common man can have and exercise always fearlessly...

    Now on this topic you'd chosen:
    I'd like to add a few things...
    As far as I know, the name of this city was changed from Prayag to Allahabad by the then Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in an attempt to encourage and spread Islam. While taking the name of this city (and many others like this e.g. Hyderabad, Aurangabad, etc.) you knowingly or unknowingly praise Islam... What an Idea Sirji !!! :)
    And one can't refrain himself from taking the name of the city. And in a nation like India you can't change it unless it's given by the Foreign Rulers. So, it'll be as it is.

    And on a personal note, i'd like to mention that after spending 3 complete years at Allahabad, I'd never like to come back here once I Leave this place after 1 year. It's because the place has enormous potential but it fails to develop into a good city...
    There are no traffic rules. Because nobody follows. You can find lot of garbage here and there. Because nobody cares.

    Last but not the least, this city does not stand to its reputation and I can't configure for how long it will be so.

  6. Tallabad was Prayag earlier and bastard kabar changed it for pork-followers. Hindus should only say it as Prayag.


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