February 20, 2010

Youth Forum, down but not out, continues the fight..

In the August of 2009, the Youth Forum started a campaign to hoist the National Flag on the pylons of the elegant Naini bridge. A signature campaign was started to give a good launch pad to the movement. Thousands of people-students, lawyers, doctors-from all walks of life contributed to the success of the signature campaign. We then met and handed over a memorandum to the District Magistrate, Allahabad to have our will accomplished.

Our initial hurdles got cleared with a supportive Media and without using any traditional political tools-dharna, gherao, hartal. The govt then asked the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) as to how the Tiranga could be hoisted there.

After nearly 7 months into our movement the Design consultants of NHAI showed its unwillingness. The European engineers of COWI-DIPL, design consultants of Naini bridge gave six points justifying its unwillingness. Of the six stated reasons, none are solid enough to convince us.

The NHAI, it seems is just trying to evade a new responsibility. My team and the youth are of course dejected a bit, but rejuvenated by the jolt. I see this incident to act as a shot in the arm for the Youth Forum. I'm not giving in and will expand to make this youth campaign a mass movement, forcing the NHAI to at least make alternate provisions for hoisting the Tiranga on the graceful bridge.

In fact, not only the Naini bridge, but the Youth Forum would demand for National Flags on all major tourist attractions and monuments, like the Sangam, Rajpath, Mumbai Sea-link, etc.


  1. I also agree with you, Mr. Anupam, that the national Flags should be hoisted on all major tourist attractions and monuments all over India.

    And i think the engineers and whosoever officials have some unwillingness in this, are not at all Indians. Whats wrong in promoting nationalism??

  2. i m fully agry with u dear, and for ur motivetional thought. now a days our youngers have nothing to do about any thing only they think and fact is they have lack of confidence or when they boost confidence they cross own younger life so there need of letus unite and support your thought

  3. 'Youth forum'... Aap acha kaam kar rahe ho apne youth forum ke dwara. Aaj ke youth galat disha ki oor jaa rahe hai ya jana pasand karte hai aise me unka dhyan deshbhakti jaisi bhawna ki oor le jaana bahut bari baat hai... Aise hi karyrat rahe hamari shubhkamnaye aapke saath hai.

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  5. Way to go mr visionary....i m into your league. ALL HAIL INDIA

  6. Way to go mr visionary....i m into your league. ALL HAIL INDIA

  7. well done netaji!!!!!!!really it is a tough but not impossible job. you with our youth forum are on right track. it is very shocking that we have to consult firangeeeeees for hoisting our "TIRANGA", When the whole world is depending on INDIAN ENGINEERS. ye to wohi bat hui 'ghar ki murgi dal barabar'. backing you up, it is time for youth movement.

  8. Aapne jo kuch bhi kiya hai wo sarahniye hai iske liye aap badhai ke patra hai, iske saath ye bhi kahna chahungi ke aap jaise logo ko civil services me hona chahiye... Soo...think about it. Likhte rahiye...

  9. For late I have abstained myself from posting a comment on your writings but now, after this blog, I think its high time that I should speak straight rather than some beating about the bush.

    This time I also waited for sometime, as I was to comment on your thought process not on your writing, to let others speak their mind.

    I am afraid to say that I felt literally ashamed of my brother if he thinks of a revolt for no positive outcome towards the development of the country. I have one question, “What can be achieved by hoisting the National Flag on any major tourist attractions and monuments & if there is any, has anything to do with the progress that we, as youth, aspire for“. Is there any answer?

    Its repugnant to see that you are so pleased with your movements that you are highlighting & promoting it through Orkut & other web means and even more disappointing to see that you have a huge fan following in this regard.

    No one, who speaks about a change to be brought-in in the system, will do anything for it. You all will never come on road and stop people from spitting on road, from pissing on walls or from throwing waste anywhere they want to because you yourself are the same.

    Baua this is not, that the Youth Forum should aspire for & if you are working to expand this campaign as a mass movement I certainly will feel disgusted. But you are my brother and will always be, no matter what you do, my love & blessings are always with you.

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